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Helene Ruda Jul 29th, 2020

COPC Work at Home Agents & The Future of CX

COPC Work at Home

COPC Inc. is the international organization for consulting, training, and certifications for operations that support the customer experience. Since 1996, hundreds of businesses have used at least one of the COPC Standards to align their customer care experience with industry best practices.井川ゆいTC中字在线观看 井川ゆいTC中字高清无删减 雪 井川ゆいTC中字在线观看 井川ゆいTC中字高清无删减 雪 ,大陆年轻小帅露脸19min免VIP在线观看全集免费完整版第34集 大陆年轻小帅露脸19min免VIP在线观看全集免费完整版第34集 ,单身部落 电影HD720P在线观看全集免费完整版第16集 雪梨影院 单身部落 电影HD720P在线观看全集免费完整版第16集 雪梨影院

One of those organizations is Transcom. As with other COPC-certified outsourced CX providers, Transcom uses the COPC CX Standard to:

  • Keep improving the customer experience at every stage of their journey
  • Consistently measure and analyze performance with standardized metrics
  • Make use of customer feedback
  • Continually leverage best practices, which themselves are constantly being updated

The COPC CX Standard is a powerful tool for outsourced CX providers. But even within the world of certified customer care providers, Transcom stands out.

Do COPC Work at Home companies improve CX services?

Yes, a COPC Work at Home certified organization — like Transcom — offers improved CX services. These agents are local to the customer base(s) they serve, and are a far less costly solution than in-house teams, or standard outsourced call centers. In fact, Transcom is the only COPC Work at Home certified company to be recertified in this prestigious manner.

Transcom was the world’s first service provider to achieve COPC CX Certification in a Work from Home environment. First accomplished in 2019, our commitment to this certification has only intensified over the last year.

In fact, Transcom is now proud to be recertified in the COPC CX Certification in a Work from Home environment. This “leveling up” means that Transcom is indisputably the world’s leading expert in using work-from-home agents to create, deliver, and sustain a completely new approach to customer service.

But the decision to achieve this certification (and re-certification) was not taken only recently, or as a direct result of the pandemic. Instead, the decision to pursue certification — and the effort required to successfully achieve it — represents years of hard work for Transcom.

Transcom Gets Certified

In 2019, Transcom was building the future — for our clients and their customers, and also for ourselves. As providers of outsourced customer care and CX teams, we are always looking for the next “big thing” in customer service. In 2019, that meant work-from-home agents.

The move to more work-from-home agents, especially in North America, was driven by the same motivation that has driven all of our innovations: leadership. Transcom is a global leader in outsourced CX, delivering teams of talented agents to organizations all over the world. These teams, typically working from call centers, are the customer support backbone for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

To bring that quality of care to the North American market, Transcom knew a different solution was required. Work-from-home agents offered a way to do that by:

  1. Keeping agents physically close to the customers they would be serving
  2. Lowering costs as opposed to a traditional call center model

Long before the advent of COVID-19, long before a global crisis forced the move to a virtual workforce, Transcom was already heading in that direction. COPC certification helped focus these efforts.

“COPC certification requires a disciplined and organized approach,” said Kyla Starks, Transcom’s Client Services Manager and Vice President, North America. “Their format helped us to organize our best practices, document and maintain our process to ensure consistency, and to benchmark our performance within the industry.”

The certification process was a big hit around Transcom’s offices. “Being able to not only track our performance progress but demonstrate our capabilities to meet our performance objectives is extremely rewarding and morale building for the team,” said Kyla.

Re-certification: Transcom does the unprecedented. Again.井川ゆいTC中字在线观看 井川ゆいTC中字高清无删减 雪 井川ゆいTC中字在线观看 井川ゆいTC中字高清无删减 雪 ,大陆年轻小帅露脸19min免VIP在线观看全集免费完整版第34集 大陆年轻小帅露脸19min免VIP在线观看全集免费完整版第34集 ,单身部落 电影HD720P在线观看全集免费完整版第16集 雪梨影院 单身部落 电影HD720P在线观看全集免费完整版第16集 雪梨影院

“The initial certification is really focused on improving current operations, compared to the COPC Standard,” Kyla went on, explaining Transcom’s decision to get recertified. “Re-certification is a ‘level up’ on the operation, and pushed us to go beyond our previous benchmarks for success.”

If choosing to pursue the initial certification indicated Transcom’s desire to assume a leadership role in the industry, the choice to recertify — to be the only organization in the world that can claim that status — was all about retaining that leadership.

“Transcom was the first service provider to achieve COPC CX Certification in a Work From Home environment in 2019, in support of our goal towards sustaining global leadership in the virtual work space with a built-for-purpose ‘future of work’ delivery model,” said Aaron Favara, Senior VP, Global Accounts & Virtual Work. “We are extremely proud of our experienced and proven team having achieved recertification of this universally recognized mark of quality.”

Aaron went on to note how Transcom’s certification (and recertification) have a new meaning in today’s world. “It is of course particularly relevant in the ‘new normal’ environment, where safety and business continuity are of paramount importance to our employees and clients, whilst sustaining the very highest standards of quality.”

In 2019, work-from-home agents were the future of CX in North America because of costs, and because of local considerations for this region’s customers. In 2020, those are still vital factors in a business’s decision about how to provide customer care. However, they have been at least overshadowed by the pandemic.

Now, CX agents working from home make all the sense in the world, and for the greatest reason in the world: our health. By making it possible to execute outstanding customer service by using work-from-home agents, Transcom is helping people survive and thrive in the day and age of COVID.

What Comes Next?

“To achieve recertification, each relevant Transcom department head evaluated their processes for effectiveness, where appropriate found and analyzed gaps, created action plans, and lastly, demonstrated their ability to improve performance within their effective work groups,” said Kyla, describing the hard work necessary for our 2020 recertification.

This work, the “leveling up” process, is what has made it possible for Transcom to stand alone as a COPC Work from Home certified CX provider. But that’s not the end of it.

“We are pushing full steam ahead for the next set of COPC Standards, version 6.2,” said Kyla with a smile. “As soon as we received word that we qualified for the 2020 recertification, our COPC Compliance Director began an internal audit to compare our performance and process to the new release of 6.2.” 

“Based on the results of this stress test, we will begin to prepare for our 2021 audit. Being a Work at Home certified COPC partner is a feather in our cap and one we are proud to offer out to the market.”

In this blog, we discussed:

  • What is COPC Work at Home CX Standard certification?
  • How Transcom was first COPC certified in 2019.
  • The recertification Transcom secured in 2020, and how work at home CX agents make sense in the current global climate.


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